Selling and Buying Experience

Just to let everyone know that we were extremely impressed by the work Brian Shymatta did helping us sell our house and buying a new home. We experienced unforeseen problems with our buyers that Brian worked many, many hours to overcome.

He went far beyond what any realtor in our experience is expected to do. If not for his diligence, a bad situation would have become intolerable and we would not have sold our house in the timely fashion that we did and at a price with which we were satisfied.

Brian was alwavs available when we needed him and he always went out of his way to accomodate our needs. He showed that he had the requisite knowledge it takes to close on a difficult sale and how to overcome less than ideal circumstances in order to satisfy all parties.

He worked hard for us and we cannot stress enough how helpful he was and continues to be. We feel very lucky and fortunate that we picked him as our realtor.

It is my opinion that Brian Shymatta is an excellent realtor and will go above and beyond for his clients. We thank him for his hard work, his detailed knowledge, and his great ability in customer satisfaction.